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Growing up different is hard and some people don’t have many people in their lives to support them. I wanted to share my experiences and communicate with others who wish to listen. Maybe you’ll learn something about Autism or maybe you’ll teach me something knew! 🙂

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Adopt don’t shop

In my previous post I share some Information and news about my new puppy…I also mention that I in fact shopped and did not adopt. HOWEVER, it wasn’t because I wanted to exactly, the plan was to adopt. We live on an island and due to political and well, government changes around the world, adopting … Continue reading “Adopt don’t shop”

Life is full of changes!

I am unsure where I should start. My life has changed so so much in the past 6 months, I moved out, job, new family member, YouTube and even getting close to being an affiliate on Twitch! However, most of all I have been looking deep into myself and working on trying to overcome mental … Continue reading “Life is full of changes!”

Top 10 Tips for University

It’s been a little while since I last posted, I had a bit of a burn out situation. I feel a lot better now since I created a schedule…sort of! I feel like I have managed to find ways to organise my time a bit better and ensure I don’t forget important tasks! I combined … Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for University”

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