Back to the office

New job, new office.

I started a new job… in a new office…I no longer work from home and I no longer work with familiar people but goodness was it the best decision I could’ve ever made!

The job I applied for was something I never thought I could ever do, if you had told me back last year that I would be re-learning everything I thought I knew, working in an office full time and speaking to people all around the world then I would have thought you had lost your mind!

Having a role like this seemed impossible due to Autism but I decided to just keep trying and I feel that it has not only allowed me to try something different but it has already helped me so so much both mentally and emotionally. I am doing something I never thought I could ever do and this has really given me the confidence and passion to continue fighting for my end goal. I have met some amazing and kind people who have made me feel so welcome and safe. They showed me how to fix my issues and continue to learn and improve myself. I believe this may be one of the best support systems I have witnessed.

Going back to the office has really helped my mental health; its worth the sleepy shutdown when I get home, I am able to separate work and home life a little easier. The routine is also a nice bonus that’s for sure, I sometimes miss working from home and being with my dog all day but I know its good to have this separation and the social aspect of my new work place is amazing!

It’s hard work and I have spent countless hours studying and learning all different things but it really has been one of the best experiences I have had in a very long time. One of the most important things in a work place to me is being able to speak out and ask for help; this is easily one of those things I really struggled with in the past.

Working in the office isn’t for everyone and it’s certainly a change but very exciting, if you’re moving back to the office even if its just a few days a week remember to take time out for yourself and ensure you’re looking after yourself!


One response to “Back to the office”

  1. Really pleased your writing again😀 so happy your feeling happy❤️


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