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I am very sorry if you don’t enjoy my posts, I never want to offend anyone and I am very sorry if you dislike something that I share. We are all very different and our lives and opinions differ which is something I love about being human.

Back to the office

New job, new office. I started a new job… in a new office…I no longer work from home and I no longer work with familiar people but goodness was it the best decision I could’ve ever made! The job I applied for was something I never thought I could ever do, if you had told … Continue reading “Back to the office”

Adopt don’t shop

In my previous post I share some Information and news about my new puppy…I also mention that I in fact shopped and did not adopt. HOWEVER, it wasn’t because I wanted to exactly, the plan was to adopt. We live on an island and due to political and well, government changes around the world, adopting … Continue reading “Adopt don’t shop”

Working from home

A quick disclaimer – This post is to share my experiences and my feelings, you may feel the same or you may not even understand how I feel which is fine. We all cope differently and each of us has a preferred way of living and working that suits us and our individual needs. Of course … Continue reading “Working from home”


* I would like to just pop in a disclaimer, if you want to add an animal into your life as a family member, please…please…PLEASE try your local shelter or rescue, I really haven’t had great experiences with pet shop animals and in most countries there’s plenty of poor animals in shelters. In the future … Continue reading “Rabbits”


Sometimes its hard to figure out what you want and how to achieve it. Instead of sitting down, being patient and giving yourself the time and space to learn, progress and reach your goals, you tend to get stressed, panic and worrying till you no longer have the motivation and energy to progress.  Burn out … Continue reading “Burnout”

Sensory issues

In this post I will be discussing sensory issues; a quick disclaimer is that this post will be more focused on what I have witnessed and what I also live with. There will always be individuality and some of us will not experience the same sensory problems but that’s ok, we are all unique. I … Continue reading “Sensory issues”


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