Adopt don’t shop

In my previous post I share some Information and news about my new puppy…I also mention that I in fact shopped and did not adopt. HOWEVER, it wasn’t because I wanted to exactly, the plan was to adopt. We live on an island and due to political and well, government changes around the world, adopting has been really hard. We started looking back last year when we initially moved out and had little to no success.

We would fall in love with a dog only to have someone who lives closer get the success of adopting them instead of us. My parents work shifts and I love to be able to baby sit the family dog who is a big brown lab! This meant that I wanted a dog that was guaranteed to be safe with other dogs, not to mention a number of children born in my family in the past few years so yet again another box that needs ticking…child friendly was also a must. We also have a pet rabbit so even more tick boxes, as you may already have guessed…we weren’t very successful at any rescues.

Our family dog Dexter

The perfect dog would appear; good with kids, great with other dogs and animals…then in the small print…MUST live with another dog…I was not prepared to adopt two dogs at once so that was out of the question. I am also not that experienced when it comes to dogs with certain medical or behavioural issues so I did not feel comfortable having a dog with either of these issues straight off the bat as my first personal dog as I believed I needed at least a bit more experience first. If this goes well and a dog pops up in a rescue I would be more than happy and comfortable looking at adopting! Overall it is easier to buy a particular breed so that you know what its family line was like, what the behaviour or medical conditions may be like etc, I am not saying go and buy a dog but when you want that kind of security with a first dog then look into SAFE, ETHICAL, RESPONSIBLE breeders! Please speak to your vet, the kennel club etc to ensure you’re not purchasing a puppy from a negative breeder!

My partner has never had a dog let alone a puppy and I really did think it would be a cool experience for him at least once! Now came the hard part…what breed would we like? I love every single dog so I found this VERY hard. I had always dreamed of a Corgi or a Bernese Mountain dog, Spaniels or even a Bull Mastiff. But what breed is reliable, easy to train, full of energy, great family pet and normally LOVES the water? Well that would be the Labrador! I have also had a lab in the family who of course is still with my mum and dad and he’s honestly one of my favourite beings on this planet. I love the temperament that labs tend to have, they’re high energy and love the water which is great when you live on an island surrounded by beaches! We also wanted a working line lab much like our family dog as I just prefer the higher energy and slimmer look of them compared to the show line.

Obi just looking adorable!

Bringing Obi home was a crazy adventure…so I will be writing about that in the next post! Thank you so much for reading and continuing to support me 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well during and have a great day!

Life is full of changes!

I am unsure where I should start. My life has changed so so much in the past 6 months, I moved out, job, new family member, YouTube and even getting close to being an affiliate on Twitch! However, most of all I have been looking deep into myself and working on trying to overcome mental health issues and personal problems!

I mentioned that I attended uni in 2019 which of course did not turn out ok hence why I am no longer in the uk…A few things happened while I was there that I tried my best to block out of my life instead of facing them and moving on. I have spent the past few months really trying to get my head together and work on improving my mental health. A few things have happened in the past month that really did go against my plans on working on my mental health but I think in the long run I am very glad they happened.

I want to focus on the positives and I will expand a bit on the topics in future posts! Well to begin with, I have moved out and settled in my new home, its fully furnished now and starting to feel like a home rather than an empty, cold vessel. I started YouTube and hit 90 subs as well as doing 24 videos in December to kick start my channel! I then moved onto Twitch, I am so so close to affiliate, I feel like in a month or two I should be able to hit it! I have loved becoming part of the YouTube and Twitch platform, I have met so many different types of people and created lots of different content which is just so so fulfilling.

Best of all…I got a dog! We named him Obi and he is a working black Lab! He has honestly been one of the best things in my life, during a really hard time.

Obi came with a story, that’ll be in another post, along with talking about the fact that I have a puppy in general as the plan was to rescue an older dog but yet again that will be in a future post. As you can imagine, having a puppy is HARD! I knew it would be, so at least I was prepared! However, I was not prepared to have the most cuddly and clingy fluffy friend in the world! The very first night he was with us he crawled into my lap and fell asleep!

The main issue now is that I cant get things done around the home as easily as I did before he came along as all he wishes to do is CUDDLE! Which, to be honest, I cannot complain about as its the sweetest feeling in the world and I really do feel so much love from him. Since he has entered my life I feel like I now have a purpose, all the things that have happened in my life in the past two years seem so invalid because now not only do I have a best friend, I also have someone who relies on me and provides unconditional love and support. What makes this all so much better is that he doesn’t even know how much he has helped me so far.

To me, animals and nature are the most important parts of life, I love having animals and plants around me 24/7 and I am not sure what I would do without them. There’s something about living in a home that resembles a rainforest, thankfully it isn’t raining all the time indoors although I assume most of my plants would enjoy that and well… so would Obi!

Now that 2021 is in full swing and life has really been changing for the better I think I will for sure become much more active online. I really needed the break from social media and writing. Talking so openly online is hard and very exposing but prepare for more content and thank you to those who still followed me and supported me through this hard time! I hope everyone is doing well and even if you’re going through a hard time please remember that things get better and if you have no one to talk to then please pop and say hello to me 🙂

PS. having a puppy is driving me nuts!